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Technology Loop; New Sounds; An Experiment; From The Archives.

I read a lot of news, features and information each day. I try to read at least the top 3-4 lead stories from each of our publications each day, and then I use Instapaper and my filtered Twitter stream to discover and read later other articles from bloggers and people I follow. Outside of this, I read the AFR and Australian newspapers a few times a week, I subscribe to a couple monthly magazines, listen to ABC radio via my iPhone, and catch most video based content on the computer now rather than TV. Sound exhausting?

Check out this sketch (below) from Portlandia where Fred gets into a technology loop. I think that I may be in a technology loop too.

In the last week I’ve cancelled my Quickflix DVD subscription, deactivated my Facebook account (again) and am trying to find my old Nokia 3315 (circa 2002) to replace my iPhone with.

This is inspired by @nedwin (read Ned: Why we ditched our iPhones – link at bottom of article) who was in turn inspired by The Wire and usage of a ‘Burner’ or really basic mobile phone in order to ditch the distraction and interruptions a smartphone brings, and replace it with time and space for thinking.

To define this music specifically, you would have to call it: spaghetti-western, alt-psych chill-out-pop. Or, if you like things simple like me, just call it pop music.


Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi doing the email collaboration thing, plus guests Jack White and Norah Jones. What does it sound like? A melting pot of its collaborators and their locations. Imagine: catchy hooks, fantastic production and a unique sound (think Kill Bill soundtrack meets Air).

I got hold of a stream of this earlier today via SoundCloud, and will be picking up the vinyl tomorrow. Check out the sample of tracks below. ‘Tis worthy of your download budget or vinyl cash jar.

Also on high rotation in the last few weeks has been:
- James Blake, James Blake
- Beastie Boys, Hot Sauce Committee Part Two
- Various Artists, DJ Kicks: Wolf + Lamb vs Soul Clap
- Toro y Moi, Underneath The Pine; (rounding out my three month obsession of this record since seeing him in Austin at SXSW)

danger-mouse-daniele-luppi-rome james black self titled beastie boys hot sauce soul committee part two wolf and lamb vs soul clap dj kicks toro y moi underneath the pine

My mate Erik is trying an experiment whereby he will not hate or dislike anything for a month, to support his hypothesis: when you stop hating, you learn more. I think he is on to something, though I noted that many people I know seem to think everything is great, and create something of an echo chamber thus creating an unfiltered and endless stream of mediocrity.

Erik will be distributing report cards for friends and colleagues to judge him on. This should be fun.

Read his blog post via the link at the end of the article.

From the archives: Steve Jobs, The Playboy Interview 1985

This doesn’t need an explanation. Just read it.

steve-jobs - the playboy interview

Further reading from above

- Ned: Why We Ditched Our iPhones
- Pitchfork.com Album Review of ‘Rome’ by Danger Mouse and Daniele Luppi
- Steven Jobs, The Playboy Interview (1985)
- Erik: My Hate Free Month

Not related reading, but recommended:

- The Atlantic: How Skyscrapers Can Save The City
- Monocle: New drama looks to crack the US ‘Spanglish’ market
- Slate: Christopher Hitchens, Chomsky’s Follies
- Technology Spectator: Seeking LinkedIn’s Real Value

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