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Lonely Planet’s Balance Between Print, Web and Mobile Revenue

lonely planet city guides

I wanted to share this insightful interview with Matt Goldberg, CEO of Lonely Planet today on PaidContent.org:

“When the BBC arrived, less than 10 percent of our revenue was coming from digital sources. In our last financial year, we saw 21 percent,” Goldberg says.

“We’ve got a core print business we’re continuing to invest in – we’re trying to do both. We’re on a relentless march to balance our portfolio. I’m not going to rest until we’re balanced 50/50. I like the rate at which we’re shifting.”

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Key notes:

220 guide mobile apps produced, caching of data is vital and localized functions differentiate from web.

~10,000,000 iPhone apps downloaded (including 4m free during Icelandic volcano).

Division of mobile team into startup-like environment in San Francisco (away from Melbourne HQ) is strategically important for the long term competitiveness of the product.

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