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60% of visits to London Olympics website came from mobile devices

London 2012 head of new media Alex Balfour has compiled a presentation wrap up of viewer engagement with the games’ digital media channels. The games set out to be the most digital and social games yet, and for the official London 2012 website and apps to be the most visited and authoritative media destinations available. This was easily achieved.

The big headline, is that of the 431,000,000 visits to the official game website – 60% were on mobile devices.

This truly is a sign that the global web will soon be more mobile-based than desktop-based.

Other headlines:
- 109,000,000 unique users
- 15,000,000 app downloads
- 4,730,000,000 page views
- 4,700,000 social followers.

The very detailed and interesting presentation is below. Juicy slides start below at slide 16. Enjoy.

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